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January 2011

SharePoint Collaboration versus Publication

collaboration and publishing

There are already a couple of good blog posts out there that deal with the differences between SharePoint Collaboration and Publication. So there really isn’t any need for me to add to that. I’d rather refer to one post that I found particularly inspiring.
In fact, I decided to convert the post into…

Search Technologies for the SharePoint 2010 family

SharePoint Search Comparison

When you start pondering about your search requirements for your SharePoint environment you automatically start thinking about your options. In this case, defining your requirements may be a lot easier when you can just tick the box and simply say, yes, I want that feature or no, I don’t care about it.
If you google for it, you’ll quickly enough find an overview generated by Microsoft, but it…

Collaboration with Partners, Suppliers and Clients: A SharePoint Extranet

sharepoint 2010 extranet

In the last couple of months we have been busy dealing with clients who wanted to setup a SharePoint 2010 extranet. The use cases varied from sharing meeting minutes, regulations and other documents with a couple of partners in a closed user group environment available on the internet to being able to host hundreds of project portals, all for different closed user groups.

(Click image to…

Adding a rating to a publishing page layout

pages library rating settings

Reading SharePoint Magazine’s pratical guide to social features in SharePoint 2010 I got curious as how I could add a rating control to a publishing page layout so that readers of an intranet portal could rate for example a news item. I turned out not to be that complicated at all.
I started by creating a new ContentType that inherits from SharePoint’s out of the box Page ContentType and added…

SharePoint 2010 Overview

SharePoint 2010 overview

One of the most difficult questions from customers to answer is “what can SharePoint do for me?”. When you don’t have a clue what he or she wants, then where to start and where to stop? Obviously, the first question to ask yourself anyway is whether your talking to a content manager or an IT person. But then still it isn’t an easy question to answer. Hence I painted a simple picture that I ca…

Finding the right SharePoint 2010 version for you

finding the right sharepoint 2010 version for you

Working as Team Manager Intranet & Collaboration – implementing customized SharePoint solutions – means that I also should be able to advise clients on what SharePoint license they should buy. To make life easier for me, I’ve come up with a powerpoint slide that helps simplify things a bit. Firstly the client needs to understand the difference between collaboration and publication. If he or…

Cannot use SPCollection.Add when using claims based authentication and FBA

Sometimes simple things that you thought you could realize in seconds cause you hours of headaches. Last week we ran into another of those examples. We had defined a SharePoint ContentType that actually describes a SiteCollection. We then created a custom list using the ContentType with an EventReceiver that creates the SiteCollection when an new Item is added to the list. As I said before, so…

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