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Finding the right SharePoint 2010 version for you

Working as Team Manager Intranet & Collaboration – implementing customized SharePoint solutions – means that I also should be able to advise clients on what SharePoint license they should buy. To make life easier for me, I’ve come up with a powerpoint slide that helps simplify things a bit. Firstly the client needs to understand the difference between collaboration and publication. If he or she wants to replace his network drive with a web based solution that brings a couple of simple DMS functions to the table, Foundation will do. For more advanced DMS requirements like tagging, navigation using meta data, working with sets of documents, rating content and record management a standard license probably is inevitable. More advanced news and information sharing scenarios would require a standard license as well, in order to be able to use the WCMS portal functions SharePoint offers out of the box. Also, we need to clarify whether it makes sense to bring the intranet and internet portals onto the same technology. Last but not least the client needs to define his or her search requirements. Hence I always carry the following slide with me, to make life a bit easier, as a picture can say more than a thousands words.

finding the right sharepoint 2010 version for you(Click image to enlarge)

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