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Search Technologies for the SharePoint 2010 family

When you start pondering about your search requirements for your SharePoint environment you automatically start thinking about your options. In this case, defining your requirements may be a lot easier when you can just tick the box and simply say, yes, I want that feature or no, I don’t care about it.

If you google for it, you’ll quickly enough find an overview generated by Microsoft, but it still doesn’t offer a handy overview at one glance. Hence I compiled the following table using exactly that information.

SharePoint Search Comparison(Click image to enlarge)

Obviously, when reducing your decision for a SharePoint Search Technology to ticking boxes is oversimplying things. Another aspect to take into account are costs. Hence keep in mind that for FAST you need at least two licenses (one for the indexing and another one for the query server) plus your users need the enterprise CAL. And if you want even more details, then I can recommend you read about available Search Technologies for SharePoint in a post written by Vendant Kulshreshtha here: .

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