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December 2012

A short guide on how to create SharePoint checklists

I’ve come across the requirement to have checklists available in SharePoint quite often. But somehow I’ve always managed to get out in time before the requirement moved from the project’s short list into its product backlog. Till now. Googling for inspiration it seems that opinions differ on how to best translate the concept of a checklist into the SharePoint world. Some blog posts mention using…

SharePoint 2010 Drag and Drop Ribbon Control

When I first saw SharePoint 2013 on a Microsoft Roadshow presentation I was really delighted seeing that in the newest version it was possible to simply (drag and) drop files in a library. I couldn’t help but think that this is one of the most desired features of all. Still, it was already possible in SharePoint 2010 where you can choose to upload multiple files. Alternatively you can simply open…

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