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November 2013

A simple TypeScript Pattern for more synchronize asynchronous programming

Now that the days have become shorter and it’s too cold for long nights on the terrace, I had some time available to play experiment with TypeScript. On CodePlex you’ll find a sample project that illustrates how you can use TypeScript for a more synchronized approache to asynchronous programming.
The AsyncObservable pattern is in fact a simple App that…

Using TypeScript for SharePoint App Development

This post is the first one in a series on developing SharePoint 2013 Apps using TypeScript. I’ve become a big fan of TypeScript, as it allows me to write cleaner JavaScript code, inspires me because I can think in object oriented patterns like for example Observable etc., helps me organize (and re-use) my code in libraries and gives me the full power of Intellisense in Visual Studio (Express).

Consuming an External OData service from an SharePoint 2013 App

Ever wondered how you can consume an external OData Service from a SharePoint 2013 App? Well, I did and it came at the cost of a fair bit of headache because I kept feeling I was missing one essential piece of the puzzle: An ODataConnectionSettingId.
Ok, let’s start at the beginning. I created an account with and wanted to retrieve data from my online TFS project in SharePoint.

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