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Have you ever wondered what type of lorem ipsum you are? Or have you ever felt so lorem ipsum that you started to develop a nasty headache? Then it’s time for a bit of variation. ipsum

In the last year I’ve been almost solely been working with space ipsum by NASA. It’s all legendary stuff and it’s fun to test your work. And when you’re testing content management it’s a great opportunity for stunning pictures from space, rockets or funnies about rocket sience. As a whole it makes your presentation with demo stand out of the rest.

As we got further and further away, it [the Earth] diminished in size. Finally it shrank to the size of a marble, the most beautiful you can imagine. That beautiful, warm, living object looked so fragile, so delicate, that if you touched it with a finger it would crumble and fall apart. Seeing this has to change a man.

A newcomer (well, at least for me) that I discovered today, is office ipsum. It makes me laugh all the time when I read words like “powerpointless” and “solutionise”. A fantastic effort that is funny from the first page with quotes like “let’s crank out some copy” and “productize deliverables” to its resulting buzzword-filled output.

Please advise soonest level the playing field powerPointless new economy but red flag, and we need to button up our approachHigh turnaround rate value-added, yet dogpile that yet enough to wash your face but this is meaningless can you ballpark the cost per unit for me.

And the icing on the cup cake is cupcake ipsum: A very yummy lorem ipsum generator that I used a lot until I discovered space ipsum.

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