Born and bred in the Dutch mountains, I studied German and Economics. Over the last couple of years I have worked on interesting SharePoint projects for Swiss and German companies with a strong focus on Enterprise Content Management, publishing and collaboration.

Very often companies seem to struggle turning their investments in Microsoft SharePoint into a success. To turn such situations around it very often requires another trip to the drawing board and review the implemented information architecture, governance guidelines and basic usability features. A SharePoint collaboration environment often acts as the central link between people, content and context. This means that success can only be achieved if all three components are properly addressed. If people reject the idea of uploading a document through the browser it might be an idea to look into using windows explorer instead. However, if content needs to be manually labelled with metadata to improve its findability, uploading with windows explorer may not be a good option. I can help you by identifying and analyzing such challenges and suggesting a solution.

I hope this website provides you with some basic information on how I can help you optimizing your SharePoint implementation. Don’t hesitate contacting me if you think I can help you solving any SharePoint related challenge.

Marco van Wieren