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You landed on this page, because you indicated that you are interested in an remote on-demand SharePoint consult. I am a seasoned SharePoint Expert with many years of (SharePoint related) experience. Capitalizing on this expertise varying from deep technical knowledge to teaching SharePoint to end-users in large enterprises, I have developed a passion for putting this knowledge to work by offering you a helping hand.

By submitting your request using the form below, you will incur no cost whatsoever. I will evaluate your remote on-demand consult request prior before contacting you. Based on the information you provided to me I will try and estimate the effort required to successfully complete the consult. With this information available I will contact you to discuss next steps and schedule (online meeting) appointment(s) as needed. A consult may be as short as one hour and is charged on the basis of 125 $ / hour (excl. TAX).

You can find my online resume at XING:

SharePoint Consultant .CH

Eierbrechtstrasse 31

8053 Zurich


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Marco van Wieren

Senior SharePoint Consultant


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